Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sites I found and get paid

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Making Money And Get Paid

Sites that are free and pay.

I've been spending a few months looking around for sites that actually pay. To my surprise, I actually found some. Though I can't say I'm getting rich from these. But so far I am making some money on these.
I spent quite a bit of time weeding through sites that may or may not be legit. I'm still scoping out even more. Still in progress and I will be posting them up soon if they are legitimate and do pay out. in mind the sites I do have listed here pay some through PayPal others through Check, and all are Free to join.

I thought that I needed to add some updates to this as well. These are some of the newer sites I have joined and seem to be working out great as well.

This is Devhub easy to use and goes through your adsense you can really do a lot with this. If you join in here, Please let me know so we can work together on. Same with all the others.

This one, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. But everyone on here seems to be helpful as long as you help them. This one is a must to stay in touch on. Also helps with Adsense.

This one here is one of the coolest I've seen. If your into Ebay. Even if you are not you can still earn from others that do. Plus they have all these discounts and stuff. Plus cash back rebates. Be sure to check this one out if it fits you Join in.

Now this one is one of the friendliest places I've been online. For being a Forum the people are nice, helpful, and some Awesome friends are developing from this site.Just join in any conversation or post your own. Each time you get paid and the payout is 9 bucks. The owner of this site is awesome. Just do not post any links. Everyone here is here to have fun, and make a little money.

Now this one is a lot like Mora Chat but it's more interactive. You can add friends join groups and start as many discussions as you want. The same concept. Post, reply, join other conversations, and get Paid. On both of these site I see people making payout every week. I'm not on it as much. But the money can add up quickly if you have to time to do these.

This one is a Survey Site as well as many others. Yet another very cool site. There is a lot to do on this one. So far I'm finding the money in this racking up pretty fast. It will send me email letting me know when they have things that pay. Very cool.

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And Of Course On of the best I found so far. Pays out every time on time and earns daily. Associated Content. This pays you to publish whatever it is that you love to write about. Even though I totally messed up on my first post. They paid me for it. and now I cannot delete it or edit it. Even though it was an accident but live and learn. But I still love this site. Join Associated Content here!

Now this site here. Not only helps you with your blogging, You can set up your referrals and add your links here. Kinda like a win win situation.
Blog and earn money by your hits. Very cool site.

That's it for now. In case any of these ask who sent you? Tell em DanJ sent you. Hope you enjoy these. I went through a lot to find them. More will be coming soon.Oh if you have any others that I should add. Let me know.

Thank you.


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